Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Animal Life

Well it seems we have another tough battle here. Which world leader has the best in terms of wildlife. One has a very strong contender, and the other has a pretty awesome pig that is also their mascot.

North Korea

North Korea (and it's surrounding water) is the home of a multitude of beautiful wildlife including such endangered creatures as the Blue Whale, the Tiger and the Ussuri Tube-nosed Bat.

It's also home to this little bugger:

The ol' Siberian musk deer. Arkansas is going to have to pull no punches to win this battle.


Arkansas is apparently home to one type of animal... actually one animal period. At least this is the only animal anyone on the internet is talking about:

This is the mascot for University of Arkansas. His name is Tusk. He is the only animal I can find that resides in Arkansas.

I'm going to give this one to North Korea. ONE TO ONE!

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